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4 U Tax & Financials, Inc. serves a variety of industries in Wichita, Kansas and all states.

While you focus on running your business, 4 U Tax & Financials, Inc. focuses on keeping you in BUSINESS!


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You make the money, and we will help you account for it, pay taxes on it if needed, plan for it, save it and make it work 4 U. We understand your business, industry, and life from every angle. Why? Because we are a business that has been where you are and preferred in our industry. 4 U Tax & Financials, Inc. has your best interest at heart whether its accounting, taxes, payroll, etc. let us work 4 U. Beating the IRS and TAXES 4 U!

A few Industries we serve but are not limited to:

  • 1099 Income Earners

  • Automotive

  • Barbers & Beauty Salons

  • Catering, Food & Beverage

  • Child & Adult Care Providers (Daycare & Adult Centers)

  • Gig Economy

  • Entertainment & Media Promoter & Performers

  • Event Planning & Planners

  • Non-Profits

  • Start-Ups

  • Transportation (Operator Owners, Others)

4 U Tax & Financials, Inc. has doing taxes and providing business services for so long it's only fair we share with you what we know. Please check the PDF below for your use in helping you with your expenses for your type of business. As the list above is not all inclusive neither are your expenses and deductions. For more information and help with your business deductions and expenses, call us.

Tax Deductions By Occupation.pdf

4 U Tax & Financials, Inc. serving all industries in Wichita and all states.

Tax help for Kansas and all states

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